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The Justine Ma Blog

House Stories with Darren LeBeuf

We had the amazing opportunity to shoot with Darren LeBeuf from House Stories Canada the other month. And let me tell you, I have never been so emotional over a photo series.  Just a few months ago, we wrapped up a large home renovation that took ten months. It was a huge undertaking for us and I'm so proud of the outcome. Seeing these photos, the details, the snippets of our lives is so special.  Darren has the most unique style. He captures textures and layers and most importantly, all my treasures. If you know me, you know I'm a...

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Kelowna: The Cove Lakeside Resort


Our family recently visited Kelowna, BC for the first time together. It's been 25+ years since I've been there and I can't believe that!! What a stunning place, right in our own country.  This trip was truly a treat for us! Just the three of us, tucked away in beautiful west Kelowna at The Cove Lakeside Resort was so lovely. A stunning charcuterie and super tasty snack basket treated us upon arrival.  The Cove Lakeside even has a movie theatre, perfect for the cloudy, rainy, lazy days. We watched Dumbo, made popcorn in our room and Ruby was so smitten!! We spent most...

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Our Custom Amy Dixon

I'm going to gush a lot in this post. I've been a HUGE fan of Amy Dixon since seeing her work at Make It Edmonton, years ago. Amy is an abstract and landscape artist, originally from Nova Scotia. Her traveling has inspired her work and it shows. When we first met about a custom piece, I was over the moon. I love everything she does, so it would be hard to be nervous. I would say, the most difficult part of this process what deciding on where to put our custom piece. I knew for sure it had to be...

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Dreamy Storage with California Closets

closets mudroom renovation

From the start to finish, working with California Closets has been an incredible experience. Their service and the quality of the product is so luxe and has been life changing on our home. LiShelle Trembath, our closet designer was an absolute dream. She made our home functional and stylish. We are so thankful for her and her expertise!! I'll admit, once this room was ready, I was so hesitant to move in. I've never had such a beautiful space, it felt surreal and undeserving. During this renovation, we turned our three bedroom home into a two bedroom, plus en-suite. I...

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Mermaid Bathroom

bathroom renovation

This bathroom wasn't part of the plan, but when the house is already ripped open, you might as well tear another room, am I right? In order to make this bathroom larger, we had to upgrade our furnace and tear out a 65 year old chimney. It wasn't easy, it was beyond messy but was it ever worth it! Since we just added more costs to the plan, we really had to adjust and simplify. Chelsea from River City Tile Company was incredible and patient. Together we came up with the plan to have the pink scale tiles as a...

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