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Where to find us this Holiday Season!

Looking to shop in person? Here is where you can find us!

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Time Away

Since starting my wee company full time, vacationing has been tricky, as I'm sure any business owner would admit. Lucky I can typically work from my laptop for most things (minus shipping orders—sorry shoppers!). I've felt pretty blessed on a recent trip to my second home (where my husband is from) New Zealand.  My SIL asked me if I felt like I was on vacation and for the first time in a long time, I immediately said YES! We have had SUCH an amazing time. I'm not sure if I'm working less due to [chasing] Ruby or because my brand new...

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Holiday Markets

You guys!! We were accepted back into the Royal Bison for two weekends in a row this Nov/Dec and we couldn't be more excited! We love this market and we know you all do too! November 27 to 29 and December 4 to 6! Check out all the vendors here, I'm particularly excited for new vendors LOVIE (because I have a love of swaddles even though Ruby broke out of them ALL the time, PLUS tie dye!!! dream) and Tomnuk Design. AND from November 26 to 29, you can find us as a first time "makie" at Make It Edmonton!...

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Love Often + Love Hard

Today was the first day that we had someone watch Ruby for an entire 8 hours!! Now, I work from home, so really, I still saw lots of her. I can't tell you 1. how much I missed her when I was in my dungeon (the basement) working and 2. how HARD it is to work a full day on design/lettering/emailing etc. It was a hard day... on both of us. While sitting in my office, this saying made me realize how much I love that little gem. LIKE SO MUCH! Thursday vibes. 

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I was big into blogging back when there was Google Reader! Do you remember that?!?! It was this great platform where you could read all the new posts in one spot. In my opinion, it was super efficient! Shortly before the disappearance of Google Reader, I myself, stopped blogging. <gasp> I'm happy to announce that I will do my very best to blog again! I'll post things that interest me, things that are coming soon, and perhaps even things about my personal life. Who knows, really. Let's just take this one step at a time. Anyways, I thought it was...

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