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Dreamy Storage with California Closets

From the start to finish, working with California Closets has been an incredible experience. Their service and the quality of the product is so luxe and has been life changing on our home. LiShelle Trembath, our closet designer was an absolute dream. She made our home functional and stylish. We are so thankful for her and her expertise!!

California Closet Reach In

I'll admit, once this room was ready, I was so hesitant to move in. I've never had such a beautiful space, it felt surreal and undeserving. During this renovation, we turned our three bedroom home into a two bedroom, plus en-suite. I had used the third bedroom as my closet, so I lost a ton of clothing space. Our original bedroom was literally a dumping ground of client projects, my easel, work supplies, and Ruby's art projects. It was never an oasis for us to relax in and love.

With this new space, I'm so happy to report, the bed is being made every day, things are getting put away carefully. Laundry is being folded. It's become my haven, my new self-care, my practice of organization.

 California Closets, glass drawer, underwear

 hidden hamper, california closets

jewelry drawer, california closets

The details that have gone into this space are perfect. Originally, the closet was supposed to be the full length of the wall. Since the new house joins the old house on the left, there was a depth discrepancy, so Mike decided to frame the closet to the right and create a "cubby" space to the left.

Dream designer LiShelle, created this amazing nook which has become my favourite part of the master closet. The hidden hamper, the jewelry drawer/station. I'm SO in love with it. It's truly changed how I get ready in the morning. I feel less anxious, I know where my things are (as long as I keep Ruby's little fingers out of my jewelry drawer haha) and I can see everything!

mala, california closets

I had to do a huge closet purge which was hard, but necessary, after all, Mike deserved some closet space too right?!

This space makes me so happy. I spend so much more time in here now. It truly feels like an oasis, a place where I can lay quietly for a few minutes and regroup.

California Closet, reach in closet

Onto Ruby's closet. Our 1952 bungalow had little to no closet space, so Mike built Ruby a brand new closet on a different wall. LiShelle designed a cute wee space that can be customized as Ruby grows older.

California Closets

Lucky Ruby even got a hidden hamper! Honestly, this feature is a fave. They even pop out so you can take them to the washer, making life, in small spaces especially, so much more efficient!

California Closets

Ruby's favourite feature however, is her "tie rack". Every little girl needs one of these to put her wee necklaces and purses on. SO adorable. She was over the moon.

The last room California Closets touched was our mudroom. After LiShelle designed it, we HAD to move ahead with it. The customization was unparalleled. I always had a vision for this room and LiShelle came in and made it four billion times better. 

California Closets, Mudroom

One of the first purchases I made at the beginning of our renovation were these MUUTO dots from Kit Interiors in Calgary. The colour match is just perfect with the finishes that we chose with LiShelle. They bring a super fun element into the room, while providing a purpose.

I had a few things on the checklist for this space; paper storage, shoe storage and a sink. I still can't get over the space. It's a space we will use multiple times a day. A space to keep my Poppy Barley collection haha. A space to store all the things that don't need to be seen. I'm so happy we kept it whimsical, but practical. Out of this entire build, I was most excited for a mudroom. It's such a functional space and so many houses don't have them!

California Closets

California Closets

California Closets, Mudroom, Laundry Room

California Closets, Justine Ma, Mudroom

I feel so grateful for the opportunity to work with California Closets for actually changing the way we live. As a young family, having a tidy, organized household means more time to play together and that's what's most important!


PHOTOS by T Bolinski Photography